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Bots crawl through your hard drive stealing important dataSpyware and Malware



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Spyware, phishing scams, intruders, spam... the list is long and ever growing. In fact, for most people these days Spyware is a far greater danger than viruses. Spyware is software installed on a computer system that hijacks information and shares it with someone else, the originator of the Spyware or to whom they have sold it. The information gathered from the Spyware may include the following: the web sites you visited, email addresses, passwords and your credit card numbers.

Recommended Antivirus Programs

Scan your computer at least once a week for a possible virusFree online scans are useful diagnostic tools but they are not a substitute for a proper anti-virus program that is installed on your PC. Prevention is better than cure. Free Avast is available in multiple languages, check if your language is available. The Free Avast setup is easy, after a few clicks and updates for virus definitions the Free Avast anti virus software is running.


Malware is usually installed on your computer without your knowledge. These programs are often embedded in Web sites and are installed when your browser loads the page. Malware program writers are increasingly taking steps to ensure that computers infected with their programming will stay infected.

Malicious code, The TROJAN virus programming has evolved to a point where it is increasingly harder to keep them off one's computer. Viruses and other maliciousTrojan Horse type viruses come in nicely wrapped packages-like email software can do much harm to one's personal data. Malicious Trojan Horse programs are often used to circumvent protection systems in effect creating a vulnerable system to allow unauthorized access to the user's computer.

However, if you do not choose to use a different anti-virus program, Microsoft's Windows Defender is recommended for those who are running Windows.

Recommended Antivirus Programs 

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