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Use Anti virus software when building your websiteWhy Do I Need Anti-Virus Software



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Okay here is my standard answer for why you will need to have Anti Virus software.

I have had more clients over the past few years that for what ever reason chose not to have anti virus protection only to have to hire me to recover their very precious data on their computer hard drive, and reformat the system.

All of which could have been avoided.

Recommended Antivirus Programs

Now if you have anti virus software installed, make sure it is turned on. Listen, another type of client I have had to perform hard drive recovery and virus removal has been Moms and Dads whose children have either disabled the anti virus program Hackers make quick work of stealing your personal and website databecause it hindered their play time on the computer or blocked downloads. SO the kids turn off the protection.

So take time and review the information below. It could save you a lot of trouble in the future if you apply it.
If you are ready to look at antivirus software take a look at these, located on the antivirus software page.
Anti-virus software is the best way to prevent your PC/Mac from contracting a virus.Antivirus software finds and captures dangerous files Most anti-virus, but not all, software packages will not only look for viruses, but also worms and Trojan horses.  An excellent, Anti-virus software product will have a feature that downloads new virus definitions when they become available.  Anti-virus software products in general have a poor history of identifying commercial Malware including Spyware and digital restrictions management (DRM), Malware such as the infamous Sony Rootkit . This is due to the way malware is identified by anti-virus vendors, and possibly because Spyware and DRM vendors tend to sue companies, who dare to call their unwanted malicious products "Spyware".

Recommended Antivirus Programs

Anti-virus software is an excellent protection and safeguard against infected attachments. If you don't currently have anti-virus software installed, you can still protect yourself by being aware and watching out for unsolicited e-mail messages containing attachments. Most, anti-virus software typically lets you choose whether Your website is built on your computer, so protect it from potential lossto schedule a scan on a regular basis or perform a manual scan. Because a full scan can take an hour or more to complete, you can schedule your deep scan late evening or early morning. Many anti-virus software packages will also let you perform a quick, but less thorough, scan of the most commonly infected parts of the computer. Anti-virus software is available for PDAs and cell phones.

Programs downloaded from bulletin boards and web sites can also spread viruses. Data files can even spread viruses, thanks to the invention of the Macro Virus.

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