CPANEL the Back of the Website Toolbox

Cpanel- The Back Of the House


Lesson 12

Now if you have set up your hosting with hostgator let's go over your cpanel.

In the video that I have posted here you will see how to get around the basics of your cpanel over the next few lessons we will be visiting the cpanel area to add to your knowledge of what who and where does that go and how do I use it. So cool check out the video and then we will continue on.


Lesson Exercise Cpanel Screen Shot

Take sometime to become familiar with your cpanel, the stuff you find in it will more than likely be new. The only suggestion I have for you right now not to do is change any of the default settings. No you can't break it but you might wind up in online chat support to "fix" something. I am not trying to scare you, I just want you to understand that you are in the drivers seat, the car is started and this is the gear shift and that is the pedal.

Also Hostgator offers videos that are tutorials within the cpanel here is a screen shot.

Set up your email remember what was in the video, you should have an email that is a catch all like info, support, and your name email setup, then forward them to your new account.




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