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Registering Your Domain


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Lesson 6 Continued

I suggest that you use www.firststepdomain.com it is clean simple has some great tools available, and most importantly you will have your domain established on a Domain Name Server (DNS) . Which is very important to have control over your domain. The all in one domain registration and hosting is a quick way to lose control over your domain.

Allow me to expand on this for a second, if you rent or own your home and you decide that you would like to have Dish Satellite Networks be your provider of your TV services and viewing, you do not want DTV network saying we are sorry we are unable to allow a transfer at this time. You would be torque if a service refused to allow you to stop their services. That is like some all in one domain and hosting First Step Domain your domain name server for your diy websiteservices are like. IF you have your domain setup on a domain server separate from your hosting, if the hosting either goes down or no longer is a viable service guess what you can redirect your domain to a new host from your DNS because you are in control.

Ok so before you run off to toFirst Step Domain register your domain please take sometime to go over the page your website name.
Research is key to a successful domain as well as having a few ideas of alternative domain selections.
Again, if your name is taken at www.firststepdomain.com the site will give you suggested alternatives to your desired domain name. But really first do your research first.


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