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What is your domain name for your new created websiteDomain and Hosting


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Lesson 6

Domain Registration is not Hosting, and Hosting is not domain registration. I could get technical here, but it really would not benefit you. You just need to know that your Domain name need be on a separate server than you hosting. I suggest you Read here to get a better understanding before you register your domain name with your hosting service.

Alright now, I am no different than anyone else. When I have an idea about a website or a name I first want to know if it is available. However please take some time to read this valuable and pertinent information on this webpage.

If you haven't a clue about which Web Editor you will be using, then take a few minutes to review the web editors, here, the reason is clear while there are few web editors that are not compatible or require an extension to propagate your website, you want to be sure that the host you have chosen will be able to facilitate your web editor of choice.

This video will go over how to register and purchase your domain name

Once you have viewed the web editors page and have taken time to view the  build your own website domain name different variations of names for your website, then you should proceed to the domain registration, or at least test out your domain name on this website, First Step Domain



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