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Conference Calling Features-Incoming and Outgoing


 Part 1

Conference Calling in Google Voice

For those of us who use conference calling, Google has built in this feature with the Google Voice Product.



Part 2 

Google Voice Inbound Conference Calling

You will be able to set up a conference call with your clients, friends or family. Whatever the reason, you can coordinate your call.


Conference calling is a great feature especially when you are working woith groups of people that either work together a lot, across the country or around the world. Another attribute of this feature is when you have short time groups working together on a task but time is constraining and limited for a quick meeting.

Using the Google Voice Conference calling feature will save you time, and money in gas alone. Many times this one feature can quickly solve the time and distance constraint that can occur.

Have you ever gotten call that you needed a pen and paper to write something down that someone said?

Check out the next feature of Google Voice......Call Record


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