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So Where Do I Find My Hosting Service?


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 Lesson 9

I have put together a list of hosting services that will help you find the right service for you. I have listed the what I consider the best features that have fit my needs over the past 14 years on the web. I believe the information provided to you below will be of some help in making your hosting decision.


Comparison Chart


 Hosting Services


Super Green Hosting

 PowWeb Hosting

Network Solutions

 Blue Host

Just Host

IX WebHosting




Cpanel  thu thu na thud  thu thu thud thu thud thud
 Fantastico  thu thud  thud thud  thud  thud  thud  thud   thud thud
 PHP Admin  thu  thu  thu thud   thu  thu  thu  thu  thu thu
Unlimited Bandwidth thu thu thud 3000 GB 3000 GB thu thu thu thu thu
Built in Analytics  thu  thu thud   thud  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thud
FTP File Manager  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu
Pricing Start $4.95

Ad Spc $3.95

 $3.88 Start $5.95 $6.95  $4.95 $3.95  $6.95 Start $1.99 $5.95
Unlimited Domains  thu  thu  na thud   thu  thu  thu  thu thud   thu
SSL  Available   Available  Starter   Available   Available   Available  na  Available   Available  Shared
Shopping Cart   Available   Available Starter   Available   Available   Available  Available  Available  Available  
Email Services  unlimited unlimited na 1000 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited 100 unlimited
Site Builders  thu  thu  thu na  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu
Virtual Server  thu  thu  na  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu
Shared Server  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu  thu
Dedicated Server na thud  thud   thu thud  thud   thu thu   thud  thud
Online Chat Support  thu thud  thud   thud  thu  thu  thu  thu thud   thu
Awards For Service 31 awards  na 1 award 6 awards na na na  na na 18 awards
Hosting Services  Hostgator   Super Green Hosting PowWeb Hosting 

Network Solutions

BlueHost  Just Host  IX WebHosting 


GoDaddy   Omnis



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