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Hosting Which Service Is Best For You



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So Where Do I Find My Hosting Service?
 Lesson 9

You may be wondering who, what, where, or even when am I ever going to need a Web Hosting Service. I am just checking out if I really want to have a website.....ok then we will continue while you think about whether your need or want domain hosting.

So to answer the question for the rest of us when is the time to get my hosting for my registered domain?  

Well get ready for this, the time is now. While there are some free web hosting services that you can use, you know the kind that start your website out like  www.abccompany.com/globalabc/directto/Your_Website_Name.html . Well even after years of typing, in addresses of my own websites that have more than 10 letters or numbers I sometimes goof those up, much less having a free website that requires a specialty in finger gymnastics to even get to it.Support Your Charity/Cause with GoDaddy.com

While free websites have their place, and social websites offer you some space, if you are serious about getting started and having your own web presence then you really need to have your own Web Host.

Choosing Your Host

Now that you have your domain name secured. You will need a hosting service. The one I use, and I have had 4 other hosting services in the past 14 years, is Hostgator. 

I have also put together a comparison chart for you. This Website Comparison Chart will give you an overview of the different product offerings.

Now I am very partial to Hostgator, their services provides the backend tools that make my life a lot better. Many website services can charge up and beyond 49.99 per month, FOR EACH website, no not the subdomains, I mean other www.yoursite.com. Before you decide which web hosting service you are going to use, check out Website Comparison Chart .

At Hostgator you can either set up a hosting package for one website for around $4.95 per month or for unlimited website hosting around $8-9 per month. If I had to pay for every one of my website to have their own hosting package every month, I would be broke. I am not even going to get into the reseller packages. So click on the link  Hostgator   or check out the Website Comparison Chart , and set up your hosting service.

Come on back after you have set up your hosting service, and we will get started on the next step to your web building success.

If you are wondering how to research the different types of website hosting services you can find a great comparison chart Website Comparison Chart !

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