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Xsite Pro 2.5 the Complete do it yourself website builderThere are not enough words for the array of simple to follow tools connected within XSITE PRO2.5.  I have used this program for many different websites for myself and others. Here is a link to a project that I was working on earlier this year.

XSITE PRO2.5 has put together an excellent video about their project. Please take a few moments to review the video below. We will be using , in our first project www.inmytoolbox.com. While this project will take some time to complete you will have videos to learn from as well as easy to follow written assignments to ensure your success.

Although this video features Xsite Pro1, some of the features are available in the much improved in XSITE PRO2.5. As we will be building our first series of lessons of web building with this editor, I believe that you becoming familiar with the product will assist you in your DIY website building.

As we continue together in creating your website, with your design all of the Videos from my instructive videos will be with the up to date  XSITE PRO2.5 the learning pace will be mNever become frustrated when you are building your own website! Take a break and come back to it later.ade easy as you will be able to stop, pause, and play the video lessons according your own learning speed.

Above all else do not become frustrated, if you need to take a break then do that.



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