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Search Engine Optimization


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While you can use a Search Engine Optimization Consultant services, who are fee based it may not be in your start up budget to do so.

I question some of the integrity of some of the Search Engine Optimization Consultant services as there are those who peel through the Yellow Pages or State Licenses to contact businesses with cold calling techniques making promises of you the website owner for SEO.

I have a friend who has never had a website for his business, he really has no need for one right now, however that hasn’t kept the marketing firms from sending him emails that make statements that they can take his current website to the front page of search engines.  I suppose if they were unable to locate his website for his business then it must be lost somewhere in the depths of the search engine results.

These types of search engine optimization services have a place in the internet services needed. But if you are working within a budget you may not be able to pay for these services right now. So if you are working within in a budget before you dig into your pockets to hand over a portion of your budget let us look at the average cost of some Search Engine Optimization Consultant Services.

There are fees that include:

  • Initial Consult fee typical amount is $150
  • Set Up onetime fee typical $150-$300
  • Standard Monthly Fee $150

As you can see, you could easily blow any budget that you may have in just getting your website optimized. Yet it would be done for you so it is really up to you if you decide to use a Search Engine Optimization Consultant services.


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