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SEO- Search Engine Optimization



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You Can Do It Yourself

Do you remember when you learned how to drive? If you learned how to drive with a stick shift you had to, learn to coordinate your feet to use the pedals or you would stall out the vehicle. Afterwards if you purchased a vehicle that had an automatic transmission you definitely found it much easier to drive.

If you learned to drive with an automatic transmission vehicle it was much easier of course, however you can only drive automatics, until you learn how to drive stick shift you are limited to certain vehicles.

Well the same principles apply to keyword, phrases, and Meta tags, at least when it comes to website search engine optimization. There are certain rules that apply, and if you learn how drive the stick shift of SEO you can drive any website to forefront of the competition.

I am sure that at this point you are interested in doing your own search engine marketing, so let us look at the different types of your DIY SEO.

Keyword, Phrases and SEO Marketing Types

This is a short list. As you probably realize it will not take a gigantic amount of effort on your part to implement this SEO stradegy, you really just need to do it.


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