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A Closer Look At The SEO Types



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None at All

We all should have an understanding that many websites have no SEO implementation on the website at all. These sites are either developed by novices that have no idea, or the website developer, owner doesn’t feel that it applies to them, or the website is such a narrow niche or private business site that is not available to the public for viewing.

One thing for sure about these types of websites is that unless exact search wording is used in the search bar of the Search Engine, you will not find these websites anywhere near the top ten pages of any search engine.

Single word, keyword listing, 8 or less

With the same attitude that many students have had over the years, where just making an attempt should be good enough, website owners and developers who only use a minimal amount of keyword phrasing, or keyword implementation, are usually the very same website owners that whine that they have tried to do search engine optimization only to have it fail, or “it doesn’t work”. 

It does not matter how beautiful or dynamically designed a web page may be, if it doesn’t get viewed it, how stunning it is designed. I have known a few website owners who have built some pretty great looking websites over and over again thinking that this is the “ONE” that will help them make some supplemental income, or replace their current income and allow them to work from home in their own spare time. Again and again they produce some outstanding websites, only to have their friends and family the only visitors they ever have on their web site.

A condensed definition for insanity:

 Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

Basically it is just plain stubbornness, and insane to expect that things will change to fit you. There are rules that everyone must abide by when it comes to search engine optimization. OR you could pay someone to do it for you.

Single Word listings Of 9 Or More Also Known As SHORT TAIL KEYWORDS

Short tail keywords are very important. I have a page that you can read and watch the video of implementing the use of short tail keywords, on its own page.

It is that important.

Single Words listing with Keyword Phrases aka LONG TAIL KEYWORDS

If you really desire for your website to be search engine friendly, and to be fully optimized then long tail keywords is the best and really the only method that will capture your real website visitors.

There is a separate dedicated page for Long Tail Keywords.

Again implementing Long Tail Keywords is that important.

Keywords that make Cents

If you take the time to implement the short tail and long tail keywords and phrases, then you are well on your way to capitalizing on the keywords that make cents.

While there are those who publish a website that is just for fun or just to help others reach their goals, it would make the donated time and energy more agreeable if you were able to get paid for the work you have done.

There are keywords that will make you money, that is for sure but those only come after…….  That is after you develop your short and long tail keywords.

So if you are thinking that you would like a monetary return on your time and investment, check out how keyword implementation can create a pay day for you.



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