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Keyword Development



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With all of the talk and web advertising about keywords and their value for your website success, it would seem that you should be able to find all you would like and need to know on the internet about keyword research and its utilization.

I wish that was true, but for the most part, slime ball marketers are so quick to create a “new tactic” with “new tips and tricks” that are only created to take your money and leave you with some type of useless software or some remade, rehashed, over paved rewrite of another person’s work. Only thing worse is they are selling it as their own. No wonder so many newbie’s, as well as others who have had a website for a few months or even years are still floundering under the avalanche of emails that scream at you to buy this or buy that.

Keyword Builders

While Keyword Builders can be a challenge to anyone who does not know where the real road of being able to refine or even use Keywords or Meta Tags that are needed to build a successful website you can learn what many have neglected to give importance and essentially win with a higher Search Engine Ranking.

A successful website is not only; the valuable content, products, service or information that is brought to the internet, it is the success of it rising to through the ranks of the Search Engines who are the road maps to websites all over the internet. Keyword utilization along with correctly implementing Meta Tags, are “keys” to your successful website.

While it may seem that working with your website to increase its search engine ranking would appear to be simple and would be implemented regularly by website owners, in most website development and design it is cast aside.

I readily admit that I too sometimes set aside the immediate need of building in my keyword phrases and Meta Tags into a new page that I am building.  While this can be rectified easily, I am glad that when I use the web editor XSITE PRO2.5 that “IF” I have taken time when I first set up a new website that I have listed the general keywords. At  least if I haven’t updated the keywords or keyword phrases for the new page, at least XSITE PRO2.5 carries forward the basic keyword and phrases I had placed in the beginning at the website initial set up.

True, that even when I am using XSITE PRO2.5 it is no excuse for not implementing keywords. However I just want you to know that even those of us who build websites all the time can make this simple mistake as well.

If you have taken time to look at the list of the keyword software that I have listed, you will have found some of the easy to use tools for implementing keywords and phrases.

If you  would like an easy to follow video and a PDF, I have gone into some detail on determining keywords, phrases, and software that will help you determine which meta tags and keywords will be the best for your website.
Check out this great teaching tool that will accelerate your keyword phrase and Meta tag development. I use these tools all of the time. 


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