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What Are The Benefits Of Using All These Keywords, Short and Long Tail Keyword Phrases?



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What you have been creating very simply is; a search engine optimized website that will rank well with in the search engines without buying any Adwords.

So many websites are dependent upon “buying” keywords to make the rank in the search engines. The SEO, search engine optimization that you have taken time to build will literally save you hundreds if not thousands of advertising dollars every month. That money is better spent in online and direct marketing to create you online success story.

Consider the options:

Let’s say you choose not work your keywords, short and long tail keyword phrases, instead you choose to purchase your Adwords from your Google account. You create your monthly budget and you have bid for your position, you know the money you invest in the Adwords. If another website entrepreneur out bids you for your keywords they will get a better ranking, higher on the list you might say than yourself.

Now you will pay for your Adwords based upon a PPC. Pay Per Click, to a Search Engine that you are spending your dollars advertising. The web visitor doesn’t have to buy anything on your website, but you will still have to pay for the PPC. You can choose to do this on per week, month or annually, and you are not guaranteed that you are investing wisely.

For an example, let’s say you have a budget of $81 per month for Adwords PPC, at 81 cents per click, which would allow your Adword ad to run until it had no money in the account for the month.

You do this for a whole year, and then you decide to cancel your Adword contract.  So 12x81 = $972 you will have spent with no guarantee that you Adwords hit your possible target visitors. That could be a real OUCH!!!!! to your advertising account budget.

Adword Advertising With A Purpose

However if you were putting together a website that either was targeted at a specialty item, one that is current in the trends of the internet marketing, and perhaps a flash in the pan, like the crazy shaped rubber bands that were hot all of the summer of 2010. Then  the justification of buying those Adwords for a short period along with building your website with keywords and phrases would make a lot of cents that could manifest into dollars quickly.

Alternative Two

You choose to build a website that has great roots built within it. You have taken time to search for keywords and phrases. You then have implemented them within for each relevant webpage, establishing credibility with the SEO, gaining great ranking based upon real website information.

By doing so you will have built a solid web site with great internal web pages that will rank individually as well as your  entire website over all, will rank very well in the keywords search engines optimization.

You have really taken the time to look at your website and how to search your website as if you were a web visitor.

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