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How your Keywords Make Cents



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Since you have taken the time to build your website with keywords and phrases, short and long tail phrases, and have also written relevant content that locks those keywords and phrases together you will have spent that time and money one time.

You have taken time to refine your use of keyword search tools. By taking that time to search for keyword relevancy, which cannot be stressed enough, you are making a long term investment that will have long term results.

The content and keywords that are relevant to your website is the only way you are going to answer the big question every website designer and developer ask, “How do I get my website on Google?”.


If you choose to buy Adwords, set up your account, and spent $81 per month for one year, you will have spent $972 for the year, with no guarantee of sales or website search engine ranking at all at the end your contract.

Essentially if you haven’t taken all of the steps of establishing the backbone of your website with keywords and phrases, your website will flounder and plummet off the search engine.

You cannot undo the amount you would have spent, that is, if you do choose buy Adwords for a time.  Do not over look the value of building your search for keyword builders that will keep your site rising or keeping the number one or at least page one ranking, in the search engines over the long run.

Over View

  • Build your keywords.
  • Build your short tail phrases.
  • Build your long tail phrases. 
  • Research your Niche.
  • Save yourself from losing what you have invested in, not just your money but your time.
  • Make your website count. 
  • Search your website, asking yourself the questions that your website visitors will be searching your website for; yep they will be using keywords. 
  • You are responsible for the marketing for your website.


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