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Keywords That Make Cents



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While you have building your keyword phrases for your website, you have been building your income to improve your website as well. If you are wondering how that could happen at the same time, well let us look at what you have been doing.

First of all you have built you home page good keyword and phrases that are relevant to your website in general. Secondly,you have followed that, with building your internal pages of your website, with more in-depth keywords and short and long tail keyword phrases, to the pages with in your DIY website. 

 Thirdly you are writing content that is relevant to each web page, which is built around your keyword phrases. Fourth you have definite improved how you are going to get your website on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine.

The seo for your website has been built into each web page from the very beginning, that is if you have done the each of the step here on your diy website.

In the example of ABC Web Design, in the last lesson you were able to see how a regular content format was converted in to a more customer relevant, web visitor friendly web page. The sticky part of the page was the implementation of keyword phrases that are the most sought after, with in the category of the ABC Web Design service offers.

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