Using The Keyword Replacer In XSite Pro


Increase Your Monetization Possibilities

Never underestimate the power of Keywords.  Even as Google is changing its algorithms to expunge the search engine of the abusiveness of internet marketer's that had plastered the internet with bloated keyword usage with no real validity, your web visitors will still search by keywords.

While that is a different story we will cover later, let us continue with your website development. Keyword Replacer will help you make your website more valid for the Adsense, and your growing monetization of your website.

I am certain that you now are able to see that you really can build your own website, do it yourself and be quite efficient at it. Making your website become more valuable as a resource for your chosen niche is up to you.

How you improve your income from your site, can be your biggest challenge. The Keyword Replacer is a great tool to improve your income with very little effort.

XSite Pro and Keyword Replacer Module


  • Access the Tool Bar in the upper Left of your window click on it scroll down click on Keyword Replacer.
  • Choose the word you would like to monetize in your website, with an affiliate link with whom you have an agreement .
  • Click Add in the Keyword Replacer
  • Insert your word and affiliate information
  • Close Keyword Replacer
  • Publish

Your DIY Website should be taking a great form now. If you have followed the video tutorials you should have a well developed website. Congratulations you are building your own website.



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