Lessons in the Order of Creation

 Lessons and Learning

  1. Where to Start
  2. The Beginning video on page
  3. Computer Purchase Resources video on page
  4. Internet Connection
  5. Internet Wireless Where to Find it Free
  6. Antivirus Programs Overview
  7. Cost vs Downtime
  8. Spyware and Malware
  9. Recommended Antivirus

Domain and HostingLearn by Doing

  1. Domains video on page
  2. Registering your Domain
  3. Your DNS (Domain Namesever) video on page
  4. Hosting Services
  5. Host Plan Comparisons

Website Editors

  1. Types of Editors
  2. Editors the Backbone of Your Site video on page
  3. The Hybrid

Website Tools Tools in Learning

  1. Website Feature Elements video on page 
  2. Analytics video on page
  3. Your Website Back Office
  4. Setting Up you DNS Part 2
  5. Working with a CPanel
  6. Getting the Best From your Email Account
  7. Google Voice video on page
  8. Google Analytics video on page

Foundational Overview

Researching Your Website

  1. Researching Your Niche
  2. Researching Keywords

Keyword Development

  1. Keywords and Phrases
  2. Search Engine Optimization 
  4. A Closer Look At Search Engine Optimization
  5. Short Tail Keywords and Phrases
  6. Keyword Phrases
  7. Death to Keyword Stuffers
  8. Examples of Short Tail Keywords and Phrases
  9. How to Find Your Short Tail Phrases
  10. The Importance Long Tail Keywords and Phrases
  11. Growing Your Website Organically
  12. ABC Web Content Review
  13. Building Your Content and Keyword Phrases Together
  14. Keywords That Make Cents
  15. A Cents of Benefits
  16. How Your Keywords Make Cents

    Keywords and the tips to Learning the Values





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