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Growing Your Keyword Phrases Organically



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As you can see from the list of short tail keyword phrases below, we will add to them for the long tail keyword phrase. A key thought to keep in mind when you are developing your long tail keyword phrases, is you must know by your keyword research what is being searched on the web, which have learned from the keyword training tools, the PDF and the video training module. 

Once you have your list intact then you are equipped to finalize your long tail keyword phrases.


Continuing With Our Example

Using our short tail keywords, and doing keyword research with them we now can choose from the top one hundred results to build relevant and powerful content for the ABC Web Design example. The following is the short tail keyword phrases with the now exapanded long tail keyword phrases following:

  1. Web Design-
    • low cost web design
    • best web design
    • web design tutorials
    • affordable
    • Web design
    • award winning web design
    • web design examples
  2. Web designs-
    • best web designs
    • best website designs
  3.  Large- 9,140,000 web searches with the word large in the search tool bar
  4. Corporate-
    • corporate web design
    • website design and maintenance
    • website design corporate
  5.  Medium business-
    • small to medium sized business
    • solutions 4 business
    • websites for businesses
    • what is a medium business
    • small to medium sized businesses
    • small  medium business
  6. Small business-
    • small business web design
    • small business products
    • small business information
    • small medium business directory
    • small business solutions
  7. Business web design-
    • your own web design
    • website templates,
    • web design,
    • website marketing design,
    • website optimization company,
    • website redesign
  8. Updated web design-
    • website design tips,
    • website development tips,
    • website design idea,
    • website creating sites,
    • web developer tips,
    • web page design ideas,
    • website design and build
  9. Current web design-
    • cool web designs,
    • current events in web design,
    • current trends in web design,
    • business web design,
    • affordable web developers,
    • current web design trends,
    • dynamic web design,
    • current trends in web design
  10. Success-
    • a break through to success,
    • business success coach,
    • characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
    • a successful business,
    • breakthrough to success,
    • most successful small businesses
    • most successful small business ideas
  11. Free evaluation-
    • free business evaluation
    • free website evaluation,
    • evaluation templates free,
    • free evaluation form templates,
    • free evaluation

Okay so the above is the expanded long tail keyword phrases, that are in the top 50 of today's top SEO Keyword Search, Febuary 2011. 

Continuing with the example- ABC Web Design Company wants to be relevant to their customer here are some great phrases which they can weave into their web content.


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