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Now let's look and see how the content was manipulated to fit around the keyword phrases



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The old content:
Anyone who is in business today needs to expand their potential for success. A great small business web design can help you in building customer relationships. Your customers are using the internet, why aren’t you?
If you currently have a small business web site that is not as successful as you would like it to be give us a call for a free evaluation of your current web design. A complete detail of our business web designs are available upon request.
Fill out the form below with your information, be sure to include your website address, what you like about your current web design, as well as what updated web design features you are seeking.

The new content rewritten for easy reading and understanding:

In the economic race today, small to medium sized businesses need to stay current with the new trends of successful business models and marketing.

Affordable website design can help you attain those customers you have been losing to your competition. Current trends in web site design that works with small and medium sized businesses is what we specialize in, helping you create better customer relationships.

Characteristics of a successful business are found in any business whether small or medium in size, those who choose to stay relevant and current with the updated technology that their customers are already using, tend to be the winners.
Before we begin to create a new web design for your business, we provide a free website evaluation of your current  website if applicable. Once we have made that evaluation we will contact you for a convenient time to review your thoughts and ideas for a website.

We listen to you, you know more about  your business than any one else, and have the most successful business ideas that fit your business.  We would like to discuss those ideas and apply them to the current trends of web design today. Implementing, dynamic web designs that will take your successful business to the internet market, we also include free website design evaluations.

Take some time to fill out our form below. Please include your website address. Feel free to tell us what you like about your current website. Also include what changes you would like to see in an updated web redesign. Please be brief in your web design tips for the changes you would like to make in your current website design, as we will go into detail with all of you ideas that you would like to see in your new internet web site redesign.

Hopefully you can read the difference. The content while similar has been rewritten to boost the website ranking with SEO, it also is a vast improvement over first content piece.






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