Implementing The Tools Available In the Other Tab


Taking Your Web Pages To The Next Level

Before you get ahead of yourself when you make and publish your website today, don't forget the "Other Tab" in XSITE PRO2.5.

Here in the Other Tab you will find some great tools that will blow you mind on the many things that you can do from the variety of tools offered in the "Other Tab"

Watch this video to get an idea of how much more you can do with your website when you utilize the Other Tab.

The Other Tab- Increase Your Production


  • Adding Pop Ups to your website
  • Choose type of Pop Up you would like to use
  • Formatting your Pop Up Window
  • Pop Up Heading- designer
  • When and Where the Pop Up appears
  • Pop Ins cool little tool to entice your visitors to take another look
  • Redirect implementing redirects will save your visitors from landing in the dead zone. If you have pulled a page and it no longer exists, that page may still be listed on the any of the Search Engines. Make sure when you delete a page that you redirect that page to a relevant page.
  • Working with Scripts- robots
  • Add Special Pages- Privacy, Contact Details, Links Page
  • I suggest that you also implement a Terms of Service Page

While it may seem to you that these dynamic website tools are just extras, they are indeed the tools that will take, your do it yourself website, to a new and professional level. When you are building your web pages and web site, you want your visitors to return. Creating your dynamic website, with XSITE PRO2.5 you can quickly do it yourself with no need for coding or adding HTML.



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