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The benefits of protecting yourself and your credit has never been more relevant as it is now in today's market place. The online purchases of goods and services is constantly growing. Like any brick and mortar business fraud may happen in the online world, however most "theft" is not from vendors but from those crafty, thieves that lurk in the scam markets, and let us not forget the theft that arises from cyber thieves that have literally broken into a system that has yet to be protected, not only stealing from the customer but from the vendor as well.

Protecting Your Business Assets

While you are not responsible for the vendors whose security system that may be  compromised you are responsible for protecting your identity and finances. When you take steps that, will not guarantee absolute protection, still yet will raise your level of personal financial security that is the proactive approach.

Like I stated in website tools video, I use a prepaid credit card. For nearly all purchases that I have online this is the type card that I use. Now I have not ever experienced identity theft but I have had past acquaintances "borrow" my credit worthiness and information to gain for themselves. In more ways than one I have shut that door.Protect your assets online

Before you read the chart there is one other reason I have found to have a prepaid  credit card, when I am dealing with an overseas or deciding on purchasing from a  online retailer that I am not familiar with, I actually take the prepaid system one step farther. If I know the price of an item that I would like to purchase I will purchase a Visa or MasterCard from a local retailer or bank for an amount just over cost of the item, the amount usually is $50 over the cost, I watch to see if this "new" retailer is honest in its dealings or not. I have found that most are honest yet I have also had to deal with those who after the sale, and of course they being the only retailer who has ever had the account number, where the prepaid card was charged to its maximum amount.

If you still do not believe that you need to protect your online and offline purchases watch this video.

You can aboslutely understand the value of protecting yourself and your identity, it is important that as you begin to build your business, through your website, whether its is personal like your home or resembles the business plan of brick and mortar, you must  implement your own security system. Prepaid Credit cards are just one way to do so.

I have prepared this chart for you of the most popular prepaid credit cards, without going overboard, that I could research and validate their services. While service offerings from these prepaid services may change, I will try to  keep this as up to date as possible. People and businesses change their TOS constantly and honestly I would not be able to keep up with their businesses and my own as well.

Pre Paid Credit Card Comparison Chart


 Prepaid Credit Card Services


Vision Premier

 Silver Prepaid MasterCard

Prepaid Visa RUSHCARD

Direct Deposit Free Free Free Free
 Bill Pay Free Free Free 1.00 per
ATM Fees Info n/a  2.50  1.95 2 free p month
Monthly Fee 9.95 6.95 3.95 9.95
Paypal Transfers  n/a  n/a Free   n/a
Credit Builder  n/a  YES  YES n/a
Retail Convenience Fee free w direct dep

free in USA

0.95 1.00 w pin use
Cash Advance Fee  free w direct dep  $2.50 4.95 n/a
Paper Statement Fee 2.95 2.95 2.95 1.00
Secondary Card 4.95  4.95 4.95 Info n/a
Service Fee Per Use up to 2.95 free  0.95 up to 2.50 p tran
Live Call Service free w direct dep 1 call free per mon $1.95 fee n/a
Prepaid Credit Card Services  AccountNow

Vision Premier 

Silver Prepaid MasterCard

Prepaid Visa RUSHCARD




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