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The Other Website Research Tools 



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While we have covered some of the keyword research tools I would be amiss not cover the “other” research tools.

Unless you are so very comfortable with you niche, that means you have experience in it for several years, researching relative data and information relating to your website is very important.

An example that we will look at: If you have been a Dog Trainer for less than five years, while you may know a significant amount of training techniques you may not be well rounded enough to appeal to all potential website visitors.

Let's say in this example that you are choosing to produce a website that trains dogs and owners on house training, while your own techniques may be very good, your website can be vastly improved and have more value by doing some research at the library, across the web, or actually participate with another trainer. The results will be that you will have a more informative website when you expound on the “other” alternatives, and do comparisons of each technique.

The Dog Trainer who has been in the business for 20 years who has seen many fly by night techniques come and go, and has the voice of experience will be able to inform their web visitors, who are doing web site research on dog training, to make clearly informed decisions on the “how to’s of dog training.”

As you can see the more refined you are with your niche, the more relative you will be to your web site visitors. Here again, you will be able to monetize your website with adsense, that is relative, as well perhaps provide a informative clickbank product that works with your website.


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