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Don't Be Afraid Of The Competition...Be Better


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Take Lowes and Home Depot for instance, have you ever wondered how these two hardware stores can be less than a mile away from each other and still each has business?

One of the common denominators between the stores is that they both carry all types of carpenter tools, and wood and concrete supplies, after that comes the electric plumbing, garden tools, and etc. While these two stores are giants in their niche, they each feature, similar products, some that do the same as their competition yet in general they carry distinctly different brands of the similar products.

However only one of the two stores actually has people working in a certain department that their employees have experience in the category of home repair that they are stationed in. Therefore when you as customer, who may be a novice asks a question, the employee over the area actually knows the information that is required for you to complete the repair or task you are seeking to complete.

So when you decide that you will build a website, make sure it is something that you know. There are people who need your information, and when its real information they will pay you for it.

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