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Lesson 8 part 2

Point Your domain name server to your Host

Ok so you have your domain, and you were smart and kept it seperate from your hosting service.

Now what???

No problem, I have set up the video you see on this page to show you how to link your DNS to you Hosting service.

I suggest that you watch the video first, then replay it to be a reference tool during your set up. So hit the play button and then you can follow the simple instructions to linking your dns to your hosting service. I like simple myself, simple minds are less filled with junk and teachable, not to say that those with advanced minds are not teachable, just have a lot stuff in their attics.

If you haven't watched the Domain Name Server Video click here

Now that you have your DNS pointing to your webhost, let's take a look at your your web host backend.

Hopefully you have chosen a hosting service that implements feature rich backend service.  Again I use hostgator who has in their backend service the CPANEL. The next video we will be taking an overlook of the Cpanel and what it has to offer.




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