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Using Your Keyword Phrases To Build Into Your Website 



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It has been said that the “homepage” of most web sites are in fact, just a sandbox. A great little place to visit once maybe twice but after that there is just so many times you want to play and see the same sandbox.

Most websites have their frontgage, the home page, so packed out with all of their keywords and phrases that no one ever knows about the “rest of the story”. You, who created the website, know what lies behind door number one, two or even three. But your wb page visitors may never know. 

This phenomenon is usually caused by stuffing your home page with all the right key word phrases but failing to build upon those phrases throughout the rest of your website. Those phrases that you have not built upon are your extended list of short tail and long tail phrases. Unless you only have a one page web site, you will want your visitors to crawl through your entire web site page by page so they will get the full benefit.

Since you more than likely are in the building stage of your website, here is a little wisdom thought for you.

Wisdom is building or implementing in your life (website) today what you will be satisfied with tomorrow.

Joyce Meyer

If you do not take the time to build your short tail phrases, ensuring that you will have a foundation laid for the long tail phrases that you will develop as you expand your website, you will be creating a dissatisfied end result.



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