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Death to the Keyword Phrase Stuffers



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In the recent internet history many websites, of those internet shady characters who actually took time to learn how to manipulate the SEO ranking system, have now found that they are out in the cold. Too many short cuts, web pages and web pages filled the top ranking SEO listings with well let me just say redundant or copied content dialog.

This technique was simply to get you to click on the SEO listed website and sucker you into purchasing something or redirecting you to another far out web page to entice you to buy something. Usually by the time you got out of the vicious circle you had forgotten what you were searching for in the first place. I have heard this countless times.

Well no more. Google went through their algorithms and change up their ranking system, literally kicking off 1000’s of websites that were abusing what should have been a great tool for website ranking for legitimate websites.

Shallow websites have no long term value to its visitors, or to their owners. If you want your website to be success, offer, promote and service REAL information or products. At least your website should be something you know something about right?!


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