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What are some examples of short tail keywords?



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Let us continue with example of Web Design versus Small Business Web Design.

In this example “web design” is a short tail phrase, however as SEO algorithms are improved it could be said that Small Business Web Design, may be considered as a short tail keyword phrase. Look at the paragraph below.

Example 1
ABC Web Design

Thanks for visiting ABC Web Design; we are a local New York business that offers small business web designs at affordable prices. Please visit our products and service page for pricing. (click here for pricing)

Keyword phrases- web design, business, small business web design

Ok, so if you were searching the internet for web design you may have come across something similar to the introductory phrase like above.

Now if you were the owner of this website and you used only the same exact short tail keyword phrases on your second page then your title page that is linked the “(click here for pricing)” would need to read Small Business Web Design Pricing or Services.

However your keyword phrases for this page should expand with more depth.

Example 2

ABC Web Design Product or Service Offers

We offer the following services :


  • Small Business Web Design
  • Medium Business Web Design
  • Large Or Corporate Web Designs


Anyone who is in business today needs to expand their potential for success. A great small business web design can help you in building customer relationships. Your customers are using the internet, why aren’t you?
If you currently have a small business web site that is not as successful as you would like it to be give us a call for a free evaluation of your current web design. A complete detail of our business web designs are available upon request.
Fill out the form below with your information, be sure to include your website address, what you like about your current web design, as well as what updated web design features you are seeking.

Keyword Phrases -web design, web designs, large, corporate, medium business, small business, business web design, updated web design, current web design, success, free evaluation

Now these are still in the Short Tail keyword phrase arena, however because you chose to place them on a page within your website, search engines will then crawl that page and proceed to give it value and ranking.


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