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How do I find out what short tail keywords will work with my website?



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If you have done the keyword research like is described in the Keyword Tool and video, you are well on your way to developing your productive short tail keyword phrases.

Just like any brick and mortar business, you have to complete the interior layout then add the traffic lanes with shelving. That is what building your keyword to short tail keyword phrases is essentially like. Each piece of the store is critical in its place. From the flooring to the lanes and customer flow desired, shelving that is built in place for the products that will fill those shelves.

If you do not think this step of your web site design is important then you will have not have the results in the flow of your website. It would be the difference of going to the general store looking and locating what you are searching for, in comparison of going to many garage and yard sales looking to see if you might find something useful or needed.

Keywords lead to short tail keyword phrases, which will lead to your long tail keyword development. The simple keyword, is the primary building block to your website ranking, of course you must have original content that is relevant to your keywords-and phrases.

Pay attention to the little things about your website. Mainly if you are not ranking on the search engines then you will have to change what you are doing. If you have keywords implemented are they relevant to your content? If your web visitors leave faster than they landed on your web page, you need to ask yourself if you are relevant. Is your website relevant?

Listen, if you want your visitors to stick around, you will have to change what you are saying on your website. If you want to sit back and say this web thing isn’t working, well then it won’t until you change it. If you want your lifestyle to change, then you take responsibility for what you promote, how you promote your website.

Ok moving right along to Long Tail Keyword Phrases



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