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Lesson 11


Know Your Traffics Sources

While some take it for granted that the whole world will be visiting their website, for us, we know that getting to know our customer and website visitors is one of the most important factors of study for success. When you know where your customers and visitors point of origin is then you can target them for what their likes  and eliminate their dislikes. Of course you can not please everyone but you can tailor your site to your visitors needs.

One of the easiest analytics a person can use,is found in the Cpanel of the backend of your website management system. Ifyou do not have a cpanel, amske sure that the webhost offers some type of analytics for you.

I also implement the use of Google Analytics. By using two different types of analytics I can get a better overview of my website visitors.

No matter what type of website you have, an analytics program is without a doubt on of the top tools for research of your website visitors.Analytics are key elements when you create a website

You are after the organic growth, from your website that will be SEO friendly. Without taking time to become SEO friendly you will essentially be shooting yourself in the foot, keeping your own website from being the success that it should be.

With the use of analytics, and how you implement, use that  information will be the heart of your success. Know your customer and website visitors. Make you website sticky......Sticky!!!!! Yes sticky. We will be covering all about sticky in the training videos.


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