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The Cpanel keys to you build it yourself websiteThe Backend Of Your Site



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Lesson 11

The Tools That Your Web Host Provides

Most website owners never take time to learn the different types of services your website hosts provides. It is important that you take a look around at the services you are paying for.

While you may not utilize all of the services provided you need to locate those tools that will assist you in creating a web friendly website.

Since you already know that you will need analytics, that your internal linking needs to be to a real page, not a 404, the page a visitor gets when there is no page. Strange as that can be, sometimes a webmaster does not redirect older pages to the new page, instead they just delete the page. Search Engines do not always determine that the page no longer exists. So keep in mind to redirect your old pages to your new page, so you don't lose your web visitors.

To get your website Backend your webhost will provide you with login details. Remember, those details, as you need to have them for publishing your website, to access your account, for your nameserver redirect, and so forth.Your web host has your website Cpanel

I personally enjoy the use of my Cpanel backend. It is simple, quick and effective for my use. Most new  users of the web developing, YES THAT IS YOU, you are now on the road to web developing, find the simple and direct use of a Cpanel to be the easiest to utilize.

Check out the webpage for Cpanel usage here.



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