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    Xsite pro 2.5 the editor today that will profit your futureWebsite Editors- The Backbone Of Your Site


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    Website editors are backbone for your website construction. Microsoft was right on when it developed the MS FrontPage program. While you work on the sight it has a little yellow and black construction sign that is on the page until you are satisfied with your result. Then you remove it when your page is complete.

    In this Video we will cover the different web editors that we will covering here at www.yourdiywebsite.com


    Starting Your Site with the Number 1 Hybrid

     XSITE PRO 2.5

    Xsite Pro 2.5 The Web editor making building your site easyYou may have stumbled upon this website, an it may have been up for awhile then more than likely we will either be in the middle of a Web Editor Teaching Module. However if you have arrived here in the beginning or even close to the beginning then you will know that our first web editor type that we will be working with is, is the hybrid.

    The best hybrid web editor on the market today is XSITE PRO 2.5. It is hands down the best and intuitive web editor to date, and today is in the 2010.  XSITE PRO 2.5offers reliability, ease of use, and speed of website production, for an overview of the features within XSITE PRO 2.5.

    The only drawback I have come across with XSITE PRO 2.5 is that it is so easy that many including myself have not learned or did not learn all of the programs capabilities until later, you know after the excitement of a new toy had worn did I really take time to learn the many tools and quick page set ups and and and........

    So if you don't have  XSITE PRO 2.5 here is the link to the sales page. It runs around $200 to date. A great investment. It is also the web editor that we will be starting with because I believe it is the best web editor for newbies and professional web developers available on the market today.

    So be looking forward to the video lessons that will be posted on this website to show you the differences of  website editors type of websites we will be covering.


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