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Lesson 10

There are a great many different website editors, ranging from free to very expensive for most pocket books. Choosing the right editor for you is entirely up to you of course, however we will be looking at CMS (Content Management System) WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) and Hybrid (HTML/WYSIWYG).

  • Hybrid-It is a combination of HTML and WYSIWYG editors, the hybrid we will be learning about is intuitive and very easy to work with to obtain the results that you will be looking for you in your website.
  • CMS- Content Management System editors require little to no html script writing ability, while html is always good to understand when building a website it is not necessarily required.
  • WYSIWYG- What you see is what you get editors are simply as the the name infers, what ever you type, cut/paste, place in the editor window that is what you will have on your site. While there are some tweaks that may need to be done like bumping an article or picture over to be in the exact place you want it on your page it is just an easy way to produce your website.
  •  Blog-Editors- Are those awesome editors that require little expertise in getting in place, however have a few nicks and crannies that you have manage through to get that just right feel for your website. Most if not all blog type websites are easily managed with online editors.

While there are so many different commerciallized web editors on the market we will be looking at only a handful, of them. Building a new site with each one. The structure of your website is dependant upon the the web editor, the backbone to which all of your website is connected.

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