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Searching For Your do it yourself website domain nameWhat To DO When Your Domain Name Is Not Available



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Lesson 7 Continued

So what happens if you are unable to nail your favorite domain name? Well there are a couple of things you wait until whom ever has your domain name of choice finally gives it up, or you can accept one of the variants that are offered at First Step Domain or any other registrar.

If you are following along with the teaching modules you will understand why it is important to have your DNS (domain name server) separate from your web host, it may keep from being held hostage by a buyout or sell out of your web hosting service.

According to About.com, web design columnist and expert, Jennifer Kyrnin
Web Design / HTML Guide, she suggest the following for your length of domain name, and truly I tend to agree with them.

"How Long Should Your Domain Name Be?"

"It depends upon your domain name registrar, but in general domain names can be anywhere from 26 to 67 characters long. But just because you can, doesn't mean that you should have a domain name that is over 30 or 40 characters long. Remember:

  • Your customers need to type your domain in
  • Even if they're clicking a link, that link needs to be typed in by someone
  • Longer domains are often harder to remember

Finding your domain name can be like finding the missing piece to a puzzleI recommend sticking with domain names that are no longer than 20 characters or so." At least not to add any more pressure on you, work your domain names on a piece of paper and read them out loud to yourself or ask a friend,  partner or spouse there opinion. Do not forget to use the search engines, type in your short list of domain name choices in the search bar one at a time and see what search results come up. How much competiton for the front page will have with you domain choice."

The easy to Remember K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) Works Well

Remember, that you are going to build your website, with the purpose of getting it into the top ten on any of the currently big 3 search engines, you are going to get to the front page of the search engines because you will have done your homework and completed each of the tasks that you will work through on this site. While I can not guarantee you the front page without a penny I will teach you and show the tools that can get you there.

When I really desire to have a certain domain name, I check to see if I am able to purchase it, sometimes for a higher price than available domain names. Also, I have utilized the tactic of checking on the name regularly to see if the owner forgot to renew the sought after domain name.


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