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Is your diy website domain name available?Your Website Name

 Is it available?


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Lesson 7

Before you check out your availability of your chosen website name. you really need to take some time to go over the information on this page.

If you have a brick and mortar business that is a sole proprietor you may be in luck and be able to get your IRL business name in a dot com.

If you are not lucky enough then here is another alternative is like this example, www.orlandobigleague.com  while there are Big League Shops all over the United States with different franchisees owners, the Orlando market was established by one Franchisee, so keeping it all under one site was no problem.

The best domain name, is your business name if you are in business IRL, and not just cyberspace. Remember a good domain is very important, and while the dot com (.com) availabilty may seem dried up for your particular web domain name, there are several other dots to choose from, however most dot org (.org) or dot info (.info) are known for organization and informational sites only very seldom will you see one set up as commercial business.

The key to the success of your domain name and popularity with the SEO Search Engines Optimization, will truly come from you ability to be who you say you are with your keywords, meta tags, and content. More often today you will see more What is my diy website dot com dot us ........dot .us.uk.en.ws.....and as long as the WWW keeps growing so will the dots.

So let's go and see if you name is available check here and then once you have established your web domain name, by the way if your name is not available after the search if you look at the frame below and to the right tad bit you will see suggested website names, come on back here and we will continue our discussion on website domain names.

Having Trouble Getting the Name You Want-

Let us do an exercise on the www.orlandobigleague.com , first the website variations

www.bigleagueorlando.com (taken)

www.blorlando.com (who????)

www.blhaircuts.com (again who)

www. thebigleaguehaircuts.com (most customers would forget "the")

www.haircutsbigleague.com (might work)

www.haircutsformen.com (if your are a regular customer, well then you would recognize the motto)

www.orlandohaircutsformen.com ( again motto recognition)

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