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This is the Starting Point for Your Success 

Lesson 2

No matter where you are in your business you are here now. No I am not talking where you are physically, I am talking about where you are at in your life and business today. So if you are a beginner in website building or a seasoned web designer there is always room to grow.

Start Building Your Website TodayMost people learn by seeing how to build a website and by doing it. So we will have provided free video training tools to assist you, and we also offer video training that is in depth on how to start from scratch with your website. In depth does not mean over your head. It just means I want you to succeed. Your success as a student will reflect my success as a teacher.


What is Your Level of Skill in Website Building

Beginner-have never built a website
Basic-have built a website and have published it on the web
Advanced-have built, published, and own your own domain have reached page one of three search engines

Beginners to Basic-

Things you will need to start building your website.

A computer-while it would seem obvious that you have one because you are here on this website, it may be borrowed or a rental.
What to do if you don't have a computer and you want to build an online business. I have a list of suggestions for you and possible solutions here.

A productive web program, like MS Office, notepad will work, here is a free on line tool, Open Office. It is free and works very similar to MS Office.

A web editor- Together we will be using several different ones on this site, each week I will be adding to the videos here. I will be starting out with XSITE PRO 2.5 , you can get it here.

At least 1 hour everyday to work on your website project

For more information for those who are in the beginners to basic levels of website building, and the tools that you will need to get started, go to the beginners page here.

Basic to Advanced

Since you have been around the web for a awhile and whether you have built some websites for yourself or others you know that there is always tips and secrets that each website developer has that seems to make their websites fly up the search engines in popularity and maintain that status.

While you do understand that the creation of the website-the graphics, colors and hosting are all very important, establishing your domain as an expert and relevant website for the masses is in fact the largest hurdle to overcome.

So if you are basic to advanced in website, but are not seeing the results that you would like to see in the Search Engines, then optimizing your site is critical to your success.

All of the above stated are going to be taught on this website. The tutorials are not just ok, they are very good. With over 2 years of research behind them, each video that has produced by www.yourdiywebsite.com is in a particular order to ensure the users the highest viable and profitable website has been built by themselves.

You can build a real website that conveys your passion and ideas, creating positive revenue.  Hey, isn't that what we are all in business to do?!


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