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Choosing Your Computer


Lesson 4

Your computer is vital to the building of your website. We will be using XSITE PRO 2.5 if you haven’t purchased it you will need to do so. You can pick it up here.

While it is important that you have a fast computer you will not need the latest and greatest PC or Mac that is new on the market. You should however have some minimums.

Laptops are great for building websitesIf you are unsure what you computer processor and ram may be, take a look at the video. It also has information on where to purchase a computers for a reasonable price.

How to find out about your computer system

Your Computer Should Be At Least

  • Processor needs to be 633 or better
  • Have a minimum of 2G of ram (graphics take a lot of memory, you can use less ram but your system will be bogged down)
  • Have functioning speakers (there will be a lot of teaching videos on this site)
  • Have a minimum of 40G HD, that currently has a potential to store 20G of programs and downloadable video when needed. If you are unsure about your computer capabilities, you can take the make and model number from the back of a desktop, or from the bottom of a laptop, go online and Google your information. You should be able to locate your information via the first three website listings.

Check out the next page for information on Tiger Direct and Compusa.

Best BuySee this Week's Sale Events and Free Shipping Offers.

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