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Feature Rich Website Management

One of the keys to great web site management is knowing all of the potential your XSITE PRO2.5 web editor has within its program.

Keeping your web pages and sites organized is primary in your web site management. Being able to move your site from one computer to another to work on is also very important. This video goes over website creation and  page management.

This first lesson will ease you in gently by showing you the basics of working with XSITE PRO2.5. You'll learn how to add, rename and delete a project, add and edit metadata, add, rename and delete a web site and how to export and import web sites. You will see how easy it is to work with multiple projects .

Managing Your XSite Pro Website 


  • How to change your page layout
  • Understanding your Web page layout
  • Navigating the Left Side Panel to change your header all the way down to the footer
  • Automated page replication
  • Familiarize yourself with the Main Panel, the most changing aspect of your website
  • Changing your header
  • Change your info bar take away the links or remove entirely
  • Left Menu links changing the look and feel
  • Add a Search Box
  • adding bread crumb trails
  • footer add your business info with copyrights 

The more familiar you become with your web page layout the more you will know what you can readily change or understand that you may want to do a more in depth change to your website.

Take some time to play with each of the page layout tabs, including the designer. Remember you can not break your web page, but you can learn how you can improve and customize it to your own particular taste and fashion.

As you begin to work with the left side bar in the page layout, take a few notes of how, when, or happened when your did this..... the results were...., by keeping notes of what you do in building your website, you will be able to refresh your memory to quickly integrate your desired web page change or effect.

I will bet that you never thought you would be able to build your own website this easy and having such a great looking site. XSITE PRO2.5 (click the link to see testimonials of XSITE PRO2.5 users) allows you to do it yourself easily through the intuitive web designer.  


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